Trust Your Stone And Tile To The Experts!

Comercial & Residential / Licensed & Insured

Trust Your Stone And Tile To The Experts!

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Call Us Now      954-857-7238

Comercial & Residential /Licensed & Insured.


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New generations using the fine craft of marble-stone refinishing.  We use proven European polishing techniques and all our technicians are craftsmen who have been trained by the owner and president in order to ensure consistent results that meet our high standards for quality control.
What Is Total Restoration On Natural Stones.
It is the restoration of worn stone to the state in which it was installed or better.  It may also entail the altering of the stone surface to a desired finish.  The restoration involves the removal of scratches and/or damage from the surface of the stone by means of mechanical abrasion using the right tools, chemicals, and techniques.  Done wrongly it can damage your stone. 

We work with all types of projects from residential homes to buildings and yachts to restore your floors, counters, showers, fire place, and even antique sculptures to bring new life back into the stone and fix whatever problem you have with it.

WE SAY "The Art Stone Restoration"

Customers are expecting to get the best from 

their stones for a brilliance that can last.​
Customers want to see the beauty of their stones and see the brilliance of how well can stay last longer!